Monthly Round-up: Enershare News and Activities from June

Jul 5, 2024News

June was another action-packed month for the Enershare consortium, brimming with events, contributions, and opportunities to advance and promote the project’s mission, work and impact. Let’s take a look at some noteworthy news and glimpses from the month of June.

The 2nd Symposium on Interoperability + Data Spaces

On June 6th, Massimo Bertoncini (Senior R&D Opportunities Manager – Digital Energy, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Enershare Project Coordinator) and Sonia Jimenez Moreno (Director Data Space Technology, International Data Spaces Association) presented Enershare at the 2nd Symposium on Interoperability + Data Spaces in Trieste, Italy. The project experts delved into efforts for interoperability of Data Spaces, specifically focusing on the energy sector in Europe. They presented the Enershare Reference Architecture, explained the Enershare governance models, and participatory business models for the global audience. Organized by int:net project together with ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems and CETPartnership, the event gathered thought leaders, executives, and innovators from various sectors to exchange ideas and foster collaborations.

Bridge Data Management Working Group Kick-off Meeting

Bridge, which comprises 4 working groups (Regulation, Data Management, Customer Empowerment, Business Models), was launched in 2016. Over 1450 projects have participated in Bridge. During the recent Bridge General Assembly, the outcomes related to the Bridge Data Management Working Group were shared. This included the lessons learned in 2023, objectives, and upcoming activities for 2024. The Bridge Data Management working group highlighted the achievements and plans for 2024, focusing on five key actions:

  1. Use-case repository
  2. EU Data Exchange Reference Architecture
  3. Reference Framework
  4. Bridge Standards User Group
  5. Interoperability of home appliances,

In addition, a new action on AI will be launched in 2024. The working group aims to enhance the on-boarding process for new projects. Enershare will specifically monitor action #2, which involves refining DERA (Data Exchange Reference Architecture) data ontologies from CIM and SAREF ontologies. They will also identify a reference test use case to contribute to the next int:net semantic interoperability tests.

Interoperability and Sovereignty: Sharing a European Energy Data Space

On June 13th, Massimo Bertoncini participated in a session on “Interoperability and Sovereignty: Sharing a European Energy Data Space” as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024. Following a keynote from the European Commission, the session delivered a comprehensive overview of data needs in diverse sectors and connected these with the audience’s own experiences. A panel discussion, featuring representatives from energy data space projects and the smart energy expert working group, honed in on energy data spaces and the crucial next steps. In his presentation, Massimo discussed the project scope, local energy communities, the importance of a data space-driven approach, data-centric services and architecture for energy communities, and the Enershare Marketplace for multi-assets compensation. You can re-visit his session here.

Version 1.0 of the Blueprint of the Common EU Energy Data Space

At the end of June, Enershare shared the release of version 1 of the blueprint for the Common EU Energy Data Space, introducing the concept of a Common European Energy Data Space (CEEDS). This document offers detailed approaches and recommendations for its implementation with the main goal of enhancing the current data infrastructure in the energy sector. Embracing data space solutions will enable the introduction of new energy services, significantly improving the efficiency and reliability of energy systems, and delivering substantial benefits to all stakeholders. Members of the Enershare consortium contributed to Use Case 1 – “Collective self-consumption and optimised sharing for energy communities”.


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