Discover the blueprint of the Common EU Energy Data Space

Jun 26, 2024News

Version 1.0 of the blueprint of the Common EU Energy Data Space is here!

This document introduces the concept of a Common European Energy Data Space (CEEDS) and provides detailed approaches and recommendations for its actual implementation. The main goal of this blueprint is to improve the current data infrastructures in the energy sector by fully embracing data space solutions. This will enable the introduction of new energy services, significantly improving the efficiency and reliability of energy systems while delivering substantial benefits to all stakeholders.

The main focus of this document is to establish a framework for innovative and financially viable business use cases, as well as the overall architecture of the data space that can bring them to life. This architecture aims to seamlessly connect the existing data infrastructures of legacy systems with federated data spaces, and technical specifications have been included for this purpose.

Engineering, Fraunhofer, IDSA, INESC TEC, Tecnalia, TNO, and  Trialog significantly contributed to the blueprint. Use Case 1 “Collective self-consumption and optimised sharing for energy communities” is sponsored by INESC TEC scoping HEU Enershare’s Portugal pilot.

Click here to check out version 1.0 of the blueprint.

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