Enershare facilitates the energy sovereign and trusted data exchange.

Sharing and enabling the transition of current energy systems towards more smart and decentralized paradigms.

“One of the key actions presented in the EC Recommendation for Energy System Integration is to streamline and deploy a Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan which could accelerate the implementation of digital solutions along a more integrated energy system, by leveraging on the seamless and interoperable data-driven interaction among energy and beyond stakeholders. Such huge demand for information requires new concepts, architectures, solutions, governance and business models suitable to the energy domain on how to share, trust and exchange data efficiently among and across energy and non-energy stakeholders. Mission of Enershare is to develop a Common European Energy Data Space to solve these challenges and to make the energy industry digital, secure and sustainable”.

Massimo Bertoncini

R&D Opportunities Manager

Project Aims

Enershare defines a Data-Driven Reference Architecture for the energy domain, which is compliant with FIWARE, IDSA and GAIA-X. It creates a marketplace based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts with the aim of improving mutual trust amongst the actors of the ecosystem and increasing the security of the shared data. It also enables a compensation system (even non-monetary) of assets and resources related to data (e.g., datasets, algorithms, models) with energy assets and services (e.g., maintenance of heating system, surplus transfer of locally self-produced energy).

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