Enerhare will participate in Enlit 2023

Nov 21, 2023News

Enershare will participate in Enlit, one of the leading congresses on digital innovations and solutions in energy, taking place on November 28–30, 2023, in Paris (France). This year, Enershare will be presented at the Basque Country Pavilion booth (Stand: 7.2.C120-7), where all visitors will have a unique opportunity to meet the project Consortium Partner, the Basque Energy Cluster, and learn more about Enershare and its role in Data Spaces for Energy: 

    • The project’s main objectives – develop, deploy, and validate the first-of-its-kind Reference Implementation of the European Common Energy Data Space through a variety of different cross-domain pilots (7) to facilitate, speed up, and enable the transition towards the smarter, sectors-integrated, decarbonized and participatory energy system of the future;
    • Three innovative pillars to digitize the energy sector: interoperability, trust, data value. Enershare will accelerate the digitalisation of the energy sector through the upscale of a variety of technological building blocks, including interoperability, trust, data value, and governance. The project is relevant to the European goal of developing a Common European Energy Data Space, as announced in the European Strategy for Data
    • The Enershare concept: stakeholders, actions, seven cross-domain pilots, and many other topics.

Enershare plays an active role in building Reference Implementation of the European Common Energy Data Space, that is why the project initiates a lot of activities on Data Spaces for Energy on the market. This year, Enershare will also be presented in the other pavilions, where the project experts will be speakers at the sessions, such as: 

Session int:net: This session is divided into two parts. A presentation of the results of the int:net project and a panel discussion between various projects with a similar focus as int:net, exchanging knowledge, similarities and differences. 

Dr. Massimo Bertoncini, Project Coordinator of Enershare, R&D Program Director for Digital Energy at ENGINEERING, will be one of the key speakers at the session, where he will share the latest news, results, and challenges of the project and give an expert opinion on the current and prospective path towards the deployment of interoperability in a common European Energy Data Space. Other projects taking part in the discussion include OMEGA-X, SYNERGIES, EDDIE, DATA CELLAR.

When: November 28, 2023, 15:30 – 17:00

Where: EU Projects Zone Hub – Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)


Session Financing EU Projects: Venizelos Efthymiou, Chairman of the FOSS Research Centre at the University of Cyprus, will present the position paper “Interoperability Framework in Energy Data Spaces” (v. 0.9) was recently launched in Vienna, where Enershare and its Reference Architecture are described as one of four successful cases.

Moreover, in this session, the experts will engage in a discussion regarding the exploitation of EU Research & Innovation (R&I) projects with a specific focus on community energy. They will delve into the long-term impact of R&I initiatives and explore the potential for market integration of project results. During this panel, they will also address the key question of how to perpetuate the community gains and leverage the maturity of local community groups beyond the project. 

When: November 29, 2023, 09:30–10:30.

Where: EU Projects Zone Hub, Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2).

Do not miss an opportunity to meet Enershare experts and speakers, visit the Basque Country Pavilion, stand: 7.2.C120-7, or join the dedicated sessions at the EU Projects Zone Hub, Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2).

Get more information about the Enlit program on the official website.

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