The Position Paper “Interoperability Framework in Energy Data Spaces” (v. 0.9) has launched

Oct 19, 2023News

Today, November 19, Enershare Consortium Partner IDSA presented “Interoperability Framework in Energy Data Spaces” position paper (v 0.9) at Data Spaces Discovery Day in Vienna. This paper provides a deep expert overview of such important topics and areas as:

  • Interoperability in the energy domain;
  • Challenges for interoperability in the energy domain; 
  • What makes the requirements and challenges of an energy data space different from other data spaces;
  • Existing interoperability tools, methods, and platforms,
  • New European Interoperability Framework;
  • DSSC Data spaces blueprint, 
  • IDSA Semantic Interoperability paper (to be published);
  • Recent advances for data spaces in the energy domain, and many others.

One of the main chapters of this paper is dedicated to the Reference Architecture of Energy Projects, among them the Enershare Reference Architecture.

The vision of Enershare is to develop and demonstrate a European Common Energy Data Space that will deploy an intra-energy and cross-sector interoperable and trusted energy data ecosystem:

  • Full intra-data space interoperability for cross-sector data sharing across energy sectors (electricity, heat, etc.) and with other energy (e.g., buildings/homes) and non-energy data hubs (e.g., EO-based observation, weather data, energy-efficient financial risks, etc.).
  • Multiple-use inter-data space interoperability for cross-domain data space data sharing, exchange, and reuse.

Besides that, the position paper is demonstrating the first version of the Data Space Reference Architecture based on BRIDGE DERA 3.0 and OpenDEI building blocks and describing a low-level view of Enershare’s proposal for the functional components of the two lower layers that deal with semantic interoperability. The purpose of these functional components is twofold: on the one hand, they provide a semantic model to represent the energy domain that will allow an unambiguous interpretation of all the concepts and the data exchanged in the Enershare pilots. On the other hand, they provide the mechanisms and tools to query, interact with, and foster the adoption of several semantic models.

Learn more about the Enershare Reference Architecture. Download the position paper from the official website.

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