Driving the data economy in smart grids: Enershare will participate in the joint event with Energy Data Space Projects

Oct 27, 2023News

Driving the data economy in smart grids – a joint event with Energy Data Space projects and int:net organised by Enershare Consortium partners Tecnalia and the Basque Energy Cluster will take place on 7th November, Bilbao, Spain. Enershare is proud to be one of four successful cases that will be presented to the global audience and experts from the Data Space market. José Villar, Senior Researcher at INESCTEC will run a presentation on the topic of “Enershare – Data Space enabled data-driven services for cross-sector local communities”.

The first day agenda consists of an open event with world leading companies in the field of smart grids to capture their requirements and input related to the development of an energy data space. The second day will be a closed working session where partners from the Energy Data Spaces projects and int:net will work together on the interoperability amongst sister projects. 

Boosting Data Economy in Smart Grids

Energy transition driven by the increase in distributed energy resources and the penetration of electric vehicles will have a significant impact on Smart Grids, making it difficult to ensure system stability and quality. Data and artificial intelligence are key to developing innovative solutions to face this challenge by providing flexibility, thanks to intelligent algorithms deployed in an edge-cloud continuum.

In this context, new business models are starting to emerge around the so-called data economy, enabled by virtualisation and data space technologies.

  • An event is taking place in Bilbao on 7 November 2023 from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (Euskalduna Conference Centre, Room 3A, Bilbao) with the aim of boosting data economy for smart grids.
  • Several European technology leaders from the Energy Data Space projects will showcase real-life use cases around data economy in smart grids.
  • The event will also feature world-leading companies: from utilities to equipment manufacturers, discussing the opportunities and challenges of this emerging new economy for smart grids.

Save the date and follow the Enershare website or social media for more information regarding the event.

Find more about the event agenda on the event web-page.

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