The first iteration of the paper on Data Spaces interoperability will be presented at Data Spaces Discovery Day

Oct 9, 2023News

Sonia Jimenez, Director Data Space Technology, IDSA, will present the first iteration of the paper on Data Space interoperability at the session “Data spaces interoperability: Insights from the field” in the Data Spaces Discovery Day Vienna – International Data Spaces, taking place on October 19, 2023 (Palais Hansen Kempinski, Vienna, Austria). 

The purpose of the paper is to define a framework for achieving technical and semantic interoperability between Data Spaces in the Energy domain. The first iteration provides the state of the art and the specific challenges of the Energy domain. As a basis, it describes the work that the HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-01 projects are developing and how they are approaching the subject of the Data Spaces for Energy. 

The Enershare concept is based on three pillars such as: interoperability, trust and sovereignty for data sharing culture, data governance mechanisms and data value stack. Supporting the EU Strategy for Data acknowledges that Data Spaces should be interconnected and interoperable, Enershare will achieve the main Energy Data Space challenge consisting of two significant directions: first, it is providing interoperability among electricity and other non-electrical carriers, like for example, heat or gas; and second, interoperability among energy and non-energy domain like buildings, mobility, water, health or financial. Both directions will be successfully implemented by evolving and enabling standardisable and open, interoperable interfaces and APIs at the interplay among electricity and other energy and non-energy sectors, and leveraging on open standards, such as FIWARE ETSI Context broker, SGAM, CIM, SAREF.

Data Spaces Discovery Day: Business value of sovereign data sharing


Data Spaces Discovery Day in Vienna is a great opportunity to dive deep into data spaces and explore their crucial business value. There will be a full day program that allows participants to be inspired by thought-provoking keynotes, engage in dynamic panel discussions, and gain actionable insights from industry leaders who have harnessed the true potential of data spaces. Besides all participants will:

  • Discover how data spaces fuel innovation, improve collaboration and drive digital transformation.
  • Get exclusive insights into successful Data Space implementations and learn first-hand how organizations are leveraging data spaces.
  • Recognize how sovereign data sharing enables new business models, streamline operations, accelerate decisions or facilitate strategic partnerships.
  • Learn from industry visionaries, thought leaders and renowned experts in keynotes and discussions.
  • Expand the network with industry leaders, Data Space experts and like-minded enthusiasts.

All this experience will empower to:

  • Accelerate the digital transformation journey and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Cultivate robust collaborations and unlock fresh opportunities for growth.
  • Foster a secure and trusted environment for sovereign data sharing.
  • Maximize the value of your data and amplify your organization’s success.

This event offers a great opportunity to network with fellow visionaries, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections that will fuel your data-driven journey. You can learn more about Enershare directly from the experts of the project Consortium Members at the event. Secure your spot by registering at the official website

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