Monthly Round-up: Enershare News and Activities from May

Jun 10, 2024News

As we anticipate the arrival of summer, let’s take a moment to reflect on Enershare’s impactful activities and news from the month of May. Consortium partners demonstrated their dedication by actively engaging with various events to discuss Enershare in front of a global audience. Furthermore, the project unveiled its participation in the upcoming 10th anniversary of the FIWARE Global Summit in Naples, Italy in September. 

Advancing Smart Grid Technologies at Sapienza University Workshop

On May 21, 2024, an insightful lecture focusing on existing innovations in electricity distribution was held as part of the Smart Grid course at Sapienza University of Rome. This event, titled “R&D EU Programme for Smart Grids: ASM Terni’s Experience,” provided a platform to discuss the latest advancements and tools developed in various European Projects tested in the ASM Terni Pilot, including the Enershare Project.

Mohammad Ghoreishi (Representative of the Research and Development Unit, ASM Terni) conducted the workshop. He engaged master’s students from the Faculty of Energy Engineering in an in-depth exploration of cutting-edge technologies being tested in European projects, specifically in the field of Smart Grids.

This lecture offered a unique opportunity to highlight how the grid could evolve in the near future. It showcased the motivations, objectives, and results of multiple European projects, including Enershare. Another key goal was to involve students and future researchers with European projects, inspiring the next generation of innovators in the field of smart grid technology.

Through detailed presentations and discussions, the workshop illuminated the transformative potential of these technologies in revolutionizing electricity distribution.

Enershare at the “A Glimpse of Europe Innovation” Workshop

On May 28th, Antonio Kung (CEO, Trialog) and Charukeshi Joglekar (Team Automated Energy Systems, Fraunhofer Center Digital Energy, Fraunhofer FIT) participated in the “A Glimpse of Europe Innovation” workshop in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop brought together hundreds of global experts and energy market influencers.

During the event, Charukeshi Mayuresh provided an in-depth look into the Enershare objectives and approach for defining a reference architecture for Energy Data Spaces. The discussion covered the challenges of standardization in developing a reference architecture, our methods for addressing them, the concept of digital twins in the Enershare Data Space, and the active involvement of Enershare partners in standardization.

Enershare at the FIWARE Global Summit 2014

Last month, it was announced that Enershare would attend and participate in the 10th FIWARE Global Summit in Naples, Italy, on September 18th and 19th, 2024.

This year, the event will bring together a passionate community dedicated to sharing knowledge, developing impactful solutions, and making a lasting difference in the ecosystem. Industry leaders, innovators, and communities will collaborate to transform the vast wealth of data into actionable strategies. Enershare is pleased to announce its participation in the event as a partner, with a booth in the exhibition area and a speaker slot. More information about our participation in this event will be coming soon.

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