How to future proof your data with data spaces

Oct 4, 2023News

The forth German-speaking FIWARE Networking Event took place in the stunning Mulvany Villa of the city of Herne, and this time brought together more than 120 participants. It marked the start of the two-day program of Herne’s first edition of the Smart City Days, and became straight away an ideal place to conduct networks and business talks with the stakeholders from the DACH region. The Major of the city of Herne, Dr. Frank Dudda opened FIWARE’s fourth German-speaking event with an inspiring talk about bringing together technology with business addressing guests from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Besides the multiple topics on digitalisation such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Open Source technologies for Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, Smart Geo-Solutions and transferrable use cases, Metaverse, the special focus was on Data Spaces. Christoph Mertens, Head of Adoption, IDSA has run a presentation on “How to future proof your data with data spaces” where he gave an overview of the Enerhershare project, its current activities and goals to develop and demonstrate a European Common Energy Data Space which will deploy an ‘intra-energy’  and ‘cross-sector’ interoperable trusted Energy Data Ecosystem. He also highlighted the most important benefits of sharing data and data services, such as: 

  • Data sovereignty, higher trust amongst participants, interoperability;
  • Higher agility to react quicker on disruption and other changes;
  • Create disruptive business models on your own terms;
  • Speed up decision-making thanks to AI-based services which have potential access to all data sets in the data space;
  • Improved risk assessment based on real live data while at the same time the risk of loss of data sovereignty is minimized;
  • Closer relation to customers for OEM which leads to a better understanding about needs of customers which can be brought to high quality services (e.g. car drivers can reserve a park spot on the way, due to information about availability from other cars and the environment).

Enershare defines a Data-Driven Reference Architecture for the energy domain, which is compliant with FIWARE, IDSA and GAIA-X. It creates a marketplace based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts with the aim of improving mutual trust amongst the actors of the ecosystem and increasing the security of the shared data. It also enables a compensation system (even non-monetary) of assets and resources related to data (e.g., datasets, algorithms, models) with energy assets and services (e.g., maintenance of heating system, surplus transfer of locally self-produced energy).

Would you like to learn more about Data Spaces for Energy and how Enershare defines a Data-Driven Reference Architecture for the energy, follow the latest news on

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