Enershare Reflects on Data Spaces Symposium 2024: Driving Innovation in the Energy Sector

Mar 19, 2024News

The Data Spaces Symposium 2024, held from 12th to 14th March 2024 in Darmstadium (Darmstadt, Germany) was a resounding success. With the Data Spaces Support Centre leading the charge, this event serves as a pivotal platform for shaping the landscape of European data spaces. More than 700 attendees, who are global experts and thought leaders in the technological industry, explored the European Data Strategy and gained valuable insights into the future of data spaces at this must-attend symposium.

This year, Enershare played a pivotal role at the Data Spaces Symposium 2024 being its sponsor and showcasing the transformative potential of data spaces in the energy sector. Leveraging real-time data, open-source solutions, IoT technologies, and standardization, Enershare demonstrated how data spaces can unlock new opportunities for energy optimization.

A highlight of the symposium was a presentation from the project Coordinator Massimo Bertoncini on the topic of “Enershare – a Reference Implementation for a Common European Energy Data Space” presentation on behalf of Enershare.” He shared insights into the project and key topics driving discussions in the energy sector such as:

  • Enershare Project Progress: Advancing towards creating a European energy data space, aligning with EU strategies, and deploying technological building blocks.
  • Challenges in Data Sharing: Addressing the reluctance of energy players to share data through simplified tools and improved interfaces, enhancing understanding and confidence among end-users.
  • Business Integration and Value Chains: Emphasizing the importance of defining clear roles and interactions between data and energy value chains, considering cost-benefit analyses, and overcoming regulatory challenges for successful adoption.

Enershare was also proudly presented at the International Data Space Association (IDSA) booth and by the project consortium experts.

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