Enershare at the Data Spaces Symposium 2024: Exploring the Future of Energy Data

Feb 29, 2024News

We are thrilled to announce that Enershare will be a proud sponsor of the upcoming Data Spaces Symposium, set to take place from March 12th to 14th at the Darmstadtium in the Frankfurt Region. This event promises to be a gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders driving the future of data spaces across various sectors.

One of the highlights of the symposium will be the session featuring Massimo Bertoncini, Project Coordinator of Enershare, R&D Program Director for Digital Energy at ENGINEERING, who will present insights into the Enershare project and its significant contributions to the development of Data Spaces for Energy. Massimo’s session “ENERSHARE” – a Reference Implementation for a Common European Energy Data Space” is scheduled for March 13th at 15:30 and will delve into various topics crucial to the energy sector, such as:

Why Energy Data Space?: Discover the benefits for energy stakeholders and the transformative potential of Energy Data Spaces.

Enershare as a Technology Backbone: Learn how Enershare serves as a pioneering technology backbone for novel, cross-stakeholder energy-centered value-added services.

Latest Technical Achievements: Explore the latest technical advancements achieved through the Enershare project and their implications for the energy industry.

Addressing Challenges: Gain insights into the current challenges faced by the energy sector and how Enershare aims to address them.

Policy and Social Implications: Understand the broader policy and social implications of deploying Data Spaces in the energy value chain and their impact on the Data Economy.

This session presents a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the Enershare project from its coordinator, Massimo Bertoncini. We invite all attendees to join us for this enlightening session and discover the innovative solutions driving the future of energy data.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the Data Spaces Symposium 2024 and join us in shaping the future of energy data!To register for the event and secure your ticket, visit: https://www.data-spaces-symposium.eu/registration

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