DSSC introduces the Blueprint 1.0: a milestone in the evolution of data spaces

Apr 11, 2024News

The Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) recently announced the release of the Blueprint 1.0, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of data spaces. This version of the Blueprint introduces enhanced speed, future-proofing, and federated capabilities, representing a remarkable advancement from its initial design principles and previous iterations.

The DSSC’s mission and vision are very relevant to the work of the Enershare project, which aims to develop and demonstrate a European Common Energy Data Space that will deploy a trusted, secure, and sovereign level playing field for energy data sharing and exchange among both energy and non-energy stakeholders. In turn, Enershare also enables a compensation system of assets and resources related to data with energy assets and services.

How to use the data space blueprint

The DSSC Starter Kit provides an ideal starting point for newcomers to data spaces. Those seeking more profound insights into concepts and terminology can explore the Data Spaces Conceptual Model, a foundational framework for navigating the complexities of data spaces, and the DSSC Glossary, a tool designed to ensure clarity and precision in communication within the data space ecosystem. Once familiar with the basics, you can explore the diverse building blocks and expand your understanding to truly utilize, educate, or contribute to this dynamic and evolving landscape.

How to set up and deploy a data space

Identifying the stage of your data space initiative’s life cycle is crucial. The co-creation method DSSC provides serves as a guiding framework for data spaces and their participants, facilitating these initiatives’ establishment, growth, and operation. It provides a practical, hands-on approach, offering detailed instructions on integrating building blocks during data space construction. The method supports the progression of data space initiatives through various stages of the development cycle, accommodating initiatives at different maturity levels. The resources provided include the Data Spaces Radar and HubSpace.

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Together, let’s maximize the potential of data spaces and pave the way for a future fueled by innovation and collaboration.

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